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Best 4 ways to Boost Up PC Speed without install any software

1. Delete Temporary Files

Windows contains an inbuilt application to store Temporary Files in respective folders whenever we use PC. We can see these Temporary files and folders through this application and have to delete them time to time.
You can clean those temporary files by,
  • Opening the Run window
  • Then entering this ‘%temp%’ ( i.e. Run  >> %temp% )
  • When the folder opens, just select ctrl+A and delete all files and folders
Delete Temporary Files
NOTE: Some files/folders are unable to delete as they may be opened currently, so don’t worry leave them.

2. Disk Cleanup

We know that whenever any Memory Card’s have short memory left, the speed of mobile functionality decreases. Same as in case of Personal Computers. When primary and secondary memory experiences shortage of memory we need to delete the junk/unwanted files and folders. Every window provides utility named Disk Cleanup to remove such type of junk files and folders.
You can use this utility from,
  • Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> System tools >> Disk cleanup
  • Finally click the Disk Cleanup button and you are done
Disk Cleanup Tutorial

3. Hard Disk Defragmentation

Hard Disk of computers have to perform some Extra Work called fragmentation. This usually slow down the processing speed. Defragmentation is a process which arranges the files in such a way to that they can be fetched speedily during Fragmentation. Data reading becomes faster from this.
You can use this utility from,
  • Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> System Tools >> Disk Defragmenter
  • After following the above steps, click Defragment Now in the Tools tab and you are done
Hard Disk Defragmentation

4. Disable Unnecessary System Startup Applications

When we start our computer, it starts a bunch of processes running in background which we don’t need really. This slows down the system performance. So, we must to stop these processes to speed up the system processing which is almost 20%.
You can disable these unnecessary processes from,
  • Start >> Run >> type ‘msconfig’ and enter
  • Now, go to StartUp tab and disable/uncheck the unnecessary processes and
  • Finally hit OK and you are done
Disable Unnecessary Startups


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